A Dream of Roses

We are coming home from a night out on the town, we are kissing, cuddling, and fondling with each other as we walked down the pathway to the front door. I opened the door for you and gave you a sweet sensuous kiss, on the lips as my tongue gently swiped over your lips. I lead you into the lounge room and went to make a cup of coffee for us, as I walked back in from the kitchen I see that you are slowly squirming in the seat. I watch you for a minute or two before you noticed me standing at the door way watching you, you quickly stop.

"I’m sorry master, it will not happen again."

"It’s alright little one, I do not mind."

A broad smile comes over my face, the slave looked up at me with wonder in her young eyes; to me it looked like she was scared at first of what my re-action will by then she is surprised with how well I take her squirming in her seat.

I walk over to where she is still sitting and our eyes lock onto each other, I sit beside her as our eyes never leave each other. As I continue to stare at her eyes I notice how deep and pure her eyes really are; I see her shiver as the sound of the kettle starting to whistle. I quickly take off my jacket and place it around her shoulder’s her reply was sweet as honey water.

"Thank you master."

A shy smile appeared on her face, I stood up and exited the room and entered the kitchen once more, as I walked over to the kettle I made my cock more comfortable. I had poured myself and my slave a cup of coffee, and started to walk back into the lounge room with both cups in my hands. On the way back into the lounge room I had heard a cell phone started to ring, and then I heard foot steps moving quickly around the room looking for something but what I did not know. As I walk out of the kitchen I see my slave digging through her handbag trying to find her cell phone, with her ass poking up in the air I just watch my slave searching the continents of her handbag. I figured I had given her enough time to find her cell phone and I had made my presence known, "Ahem."

The slave quickly stopped and turn to face me; she noticed that I was holding two cups of steaming coffee. I walked over to my slave and handed her a cup, she didn’t reply this time, though, she did slightly nod her head in appreciation. She raised her cup to her lips and took a sip; her eyes were always on me as mine was on her. We placed our cups down on the coffee table as we stood up together; I gently grabbed hold of her hand and took her into my bedroom. I opened the door and lead her to my bedroom, there I turned her around and started to unbutton her dress.

With each button that came undone there was a new space to be marveled and amazed by, when the final button was undone I walked around her and removed a dark black silk scarf. I wrapped the scarf over her eyes three times, making sure that she could not see out of it. I lead her to my bed and laid her down upon it.

From there, I got two more silk scarfs and placed them on the bed side table, the slave gave a little whimper as she was lowered to the bed. I leaned forward and kiss her lips gently and whispered into her ear.

"Everything is going to be alright little one."

"I know Master, though I am just excited that’s all."

I leaned back and she could feel the weight of my body move from the bed. I quickly walked over to the tall boy and pulled off a single feather which was laid on top of it; I walked back over towards the bed and stopped in mid stride. I walked over to a vase which was sitting on the window sill; I pulled out a single red rose and shook the water off the stem. I continued my way back to the bed and quickly removed my clothes from my body; I crawled over the bed and knelt in between my slave’s legs, the feather in my right hand and the rose in my left hand. I placed the rose on the bed next to the wall so it couldn’t get crushed.

I leaned forward and kissed my slave’s lips gently once more; with my right hand I placed the tip of the feather on her lips. I brought the tip down to her chin, and then down her neck until I stopped the feather tip on the top of my slave’s breasts. I slowly circled each breast with the tip drawing circles and they were getting smaller with each completed circle, with each completed circle. As I was getting closer to my slave’s nipples , she began to squirm a bit in a low voice I spoke to her.

"Stop moving little one, I can see that it tickles though be strong and try not to squirm ok?"

"Yes master."

I continued on circling her breast until I reached her nipple and then I switched to her other breast and did the same thing to it, from there I let the tip travel down her cleavage to her firm stomach. From the outside of her stomach, I made another circle pattern only getting smaller and smaller once again.

I was getting closer and closer to her belly button and I allowed the tip to travel around the rim of her belly button. From her stomach, I continued to travel down one leg and then up the other leg, as I was moving upwards my slave would open her legs wider allowing me access to her inner calf’s and her inner thighs. With every bump and curve of her skin my slave would squirm around like a worm on a hook, many times I had to tell her to be still and all the time her only reply was, "Yes master."

I finally arrived at her pussy and ran the tip over her lips teasing them and taunting them with each and every caress, my slave started to moan out loud as she felt the tip run along her pussy lips. My slave was enjoying herself and so was I, it was nice to feel my slave thrusting her hips up into the air and enjoying this moment just as I was enjoying it myself. When I decided that I had teased her enough I leaned over and grabbed the two silk scarfs from the bed side table and tied them together. Then I laid them just under my slave’s breasts and ever so slowly I moved them up, slowly pulling on the silk and satin scarf’s as if they were pieces of air floating through the air.

Once they were snuggly under my slave’s breasts I started to wrap her breasts up in a figure eight number crisscrossing around each breasts until they were firmly tied together. From there, I got another silk scarf and placed it just under my slave’s hips and tied it off.

I grabbed two more scarf’s one satin and the other a silk scarf and I tied the satin scarf in the middle of the scarf that was wrapped around my slave’s hips. I placed that scarf so it would meet with the scarf that was wrapped around her breasts. I managed to tie the other scarf to the same place and lowered it down over her pussy and tied it so it was in the small of her back. I gently ran my finger across the silken pussy lips making her moist; I ran my fingers up to meet her protruding clit and gently circled it. My slave would wiggle and squirm around enjoying the feeling of my silken fingers playing with her exposed clit, I told her a few times to be quiet and she replied to my commands.

"I would master, but you are driving me crazy with this beauty torture!"

"I see, well maybe you would prefer me to make love to you instead?"

"Oh yes master, then we can cum together."

"We will make love soon my gorgeous slave, though at the moment I want to tease you more."

"That isn’t fair master, I am already to cum now and if you continue I will surely cum right here and now."

"I see, so you wish me to stop? Is that what you want my slave?"

"Yes master, I wish for you to stop for now."

I did not give in to her request, she was mine to do with as I pleased.

I continued with this gentle torture making my slave beg me to stop, when she was begging me to stop I did, instead of my fingers I started with the rose. I ran the rose from her lips down to her feet and then right up to her pussy once again, making sure she wiggled and squirmed more so now then before. I grabbed my cock and placed it directly to her pussy lips and gentle stroked my cock up and down along her lips. As soon as my cock head had touched her clit she was moaning and bucking her hips up to meet my cock. I leaned forward and kissed her sweet lips as my hands started to unwrapped the silk scarf from around her breasts, for a little while I continued on with kissing her lips and then I moved down to her chin.

From her chin, I continued on till I was kissing her throat, then down to the top of her breasts kissing and flicking at her skin with my tongue. I could see my slave wiggling and squirming as she felt my tongue flicking across her hot skin, her breathe became more ragged with each and every single touch of my tongue. I lowered myself down to her breasts and started to trace around them, kissing and flicking along the way driving her into madness.

My slave’s body arched up into the air as she felt my tongue drawing closer to her nipples, my slave was begging me to suckle from her breasts. I circled each breasts with my tongue and lips making my gorgeous slave wild and lusting, for my tongue and lips to reach her nipples, though, I had circled around her hard aroused and protruding nipples. From there I continued down along her body, down to her stomach where I continued to kiss and lick each and every inch of skin. I came to her navel and kissed and lick at that, then I started to nip at the navel as my lips and tongue would follow in pursuit.

I left her navel and kissed and licked my way down along her lower stomach until I reached her nearly bared bush of pubic hair. I had moved myself to the side of her leg and kissed and flicked my tongue down to her knee’s and started my way back up. I had untied the three remaining scarf’s from her body and quickly removed them in one swift tug. I continued working my way up her inner thigh’s until I reached her pussy.

I would kiss and lick the soft skin of the joining legs to her body, I could really smell her sweet aroma secreting from her already aroused pussy. I could taste her secretions without even touching her pussy lips, though, I knew that she wanted to orgasm pretty badly too. I moved my face directly over her wet puffy pussy lips and started to gently caress her outer lips, within seconds I felt my lover’s hands on top of my head directing me to the place where she would get more pleasure.

I decided to stop her directions by lapping at her pussy lips, I heard her moan as my tongue came in contact with her already hot, wet, and puffy pussy lips. My slave’s lips were that aroused that they were fully red and wanting to be touched, though, I could feel every bump and curve that her pussy lips had. I ran my tongue up and down along her pussy lips and every full length trip that I had made, my tongue would move in a little deeper at the time. By now my tongue would hover around her clit every time that I went up the top, and this is when my gorgeous slave would try to lower my head so that my lips would touched her very aroused and protruding clit. My slave begged.

"Master, please suck on my clit I need to cum badly!"

I hovered over her clit, I thought about her slightly strange request that she had made, I declined her request and continued on my merry way licking and kissing at her pussy lips. Again I inserted my tongue a little deeper and when I move my way up to the top I ran my tongue around her clit, driving my slave to thrust her hips up more than ever. I continued to circle my tongue around her engorged clit, making the circles smaller with every single pass until I had gently touched and caressed it with the tip of my tongue. I could feel my gorgeous slave shiver as my tongue touched her highly aroused clit, her finger nails were slightly digging into my scalp as they tightened her grip on my hair. I had inserted a finger into her wet pussy and moved it back and forth as I continued to lick and gentle nip at her clit, I added another finger to her pussy moving them faster and faster at the same time as my tongue was moving around and around her clit.

My mouth had not attached itself to her clit, as my tongue continue to play havoc with her body sending my slave over the complete edge and cum all over my face and fingers. When my slave’s orgasm had finally passed, she let go of my hair and allowed me to suck in fresh breathes of air into my air starved lungs. I moved up and kissed her on her lips so that she could taste herself upon my lips, our tongues were dueling as I placed my cock head at her entrance and she thrust her hips up once more and gave me entry to her inner being.

My cock felt like it was covered in a combination of silk and satin as her pussy swallowed my cock whole, I started in place for a few minutes more. I slowly started to move my cock in and out, building a slow and steady rhythm I could feel my slave’s pussy massaging my shaft as we continued to make love to each other. The faster we moved in unison the better our love making was, I could feel her pussy trying to milk my cock as I exited and then re-entered her pussy once again.

I moved my free hand to her clit and started gently caressing it with loving strokes, I was nearly at the point of cumming and I wanted my slave to join me. I leaned forward and took her left nipple into my mouth as my right hand caressed and kneaded her right nipple; my left hand was still playing with her clit driving her onto another orgasm with me.

I could feel how close my balls were to exploding and I knew that my slave was in the same place as I was, her pussy was massaging my shaft faster then before and I knew it wasn’t going to be long before we both came together as one. With each exit and re-entry I made, my slave was moaning.

"Harder master, fuck me harder and faster…. Oh god I’m nearly there!"

I decided to go double time on this extremely hot and sensitive pussy, I thrust my cock fully into her driving her beyond her limits making her fully mine. I felt her orgasm start just at the same time as I did and my slave let out a blood curling scream of passion and then she fainted from her over worked pussy.

I felt my cum filled balls banging away against my slave’s ass as I came with my gorgeous slave, her pussy was squeezing my cock so hard that it felt like it was a vice of some kind. Then her pussy briefly let go of my shaft as I filled her pussy with my hot cum, I knew that she could feel my cum splashing her insides and then her pussy muscles had clamped my shaft once again. This continued on until her orgasm had passed, and by the time that our orgasm passed us each we were hot and satisfied.

I lay on top of my slave catching my breath, and I started to roll off her when she requested another thing from me.


"Yes my gorgeous slave?"

"Can we stay like this tonight please?"


"Because I love this closeness that we are sharing right now and I also love having your cock in my pussy master."

"I see."

With that we closed our eyes and feel asleep like that.

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