Brace Yourself Ch. 01

Michael took Shelby’s hand and led her down the staircase. It was the first time he had ever hosted a woman in his apartment. He had had his share of female in his retro bachelor’s pad, but only in the company of other people. He was nervous. But anxious. It had been about two months since he’s held the scent of a woman in the palm of his hand.

Shelby smelled delicious. She smelled of sweet honey and strawberries. Michael met her in a bakery about a month ago when he went in to purchase a pie to have shipped to his mother in Connecticut. He had heard of this little bakery that did shipments for an extra fee. He wanted to let his mother know he was thinking of her all the way on the other side of the continent. Michael moved to Las Vegas to follow his filmmaking dream. He had submitted a short documentary on human sexuality to a contest that an education film company was holding and won.

A few good people got a hold of the film and called Michael up to offer him a job at a renowned pornography company. Michael had never thought that this was the avenue his filmmaking would take him, but once he saw the six-figures the company promised him each year he made and sold an x amount of films-he kindly accepted the offer.

He was living the life and was making sure he remembered his true life at home. So, he went to a small bakery on the outskirts of Vegas and bumped into the prettiest face he had laid his eyes on. Shelby stood in the middle of his room eying a mantle of pictures of him and porn stars mixed in with pictures of him and family member. If chocolate could turn red, that’s what he would be right now.

He couldn’t figure out why he was so nervous. He had sex. He had a lot of it being in the business he was. Michael was on his way up in the business and anybody who was anybody wanted to suck his cock.

Shelby had no idea who he was. When he did his usual pompous, "Have you ever heard of Mitch Stockholm?" And she shrugged her shoulders and gave an innocent, "He sounds familiar." He swooped in with a happy, "That’s me. Nice to meet you, ma’am, and you are?"

Shelby looked up over her plastic rimmed glasses, her cheeks pushed them over her green eyes and she huffed, "Ma’am? Do I look that old to you? I’m big but damn, does being a big girl have to be associated with being old?" Michael blinked at her confused as to whether he really did offend her or not, Shelby belted out a laugh that made everyone in the shop look over. "I’m just messing with you, you gotta liven up! I’m Shelby." Then she proceeded to tell him about all of the pies she could make.

Shelby was about 5’7”and was so pleasantly plumped that he wanted to run his tongue around her vanilla thigh. Michael’s dick jumped every she laughed. Her cleavage would jiggle causing them to pop out just a bit. He knew if he could get her to laugh some more, her nipple would slip out and say hello.

Two months. It took him two months to get to this place. After hundreds of pies being sent to his friends and family-and they were good pies–and after many turned down date proposals, she was finally saying yes to his advances. Shelby started to feel bad. He was spending so much money at her bakery that she just decided that she would go out with him.

They took a scenic road trip to LA. Once Michael found out that she had never been to LA, he told her to pack an overnight bag and he would show her around.

"What makes you think I’m going to stay over-" Shelby began to go on but Michael threw up his hands and protested.

"Nothing like that, Shelby." He laughed out, "I have a big apartment, extra rooms-" He looked at her, "I can get you a room at whatever hotel-"

"Michael, I don’t want you to spend any money on me." She got nervous and began to shift from foot to foot.

"See, now here you go with that shit. What did I tell you about that? Be confident." He hated when she did that, but it turned him on at the same time.

"Fine. I’ll go. I will stay in your guest bedroom."

Michael thought to himself, you’re about to stay in my guesthouse. She had no idea what she was in store for.

His nerves built up as he poured two glasses of white wine into flutes and she imposed on his personal life. No one ever blatantly looked at his photos. And here she was scanning each face. He handed her a glass. "You can stay on this floor. I will be downstairs." She almost spit out her drink, "Are you okay?"

"I’m sorry, this floor? Didn’t we just enter the basement of a building?" Shelby coughed.

"Yes, and there is another floor with a pool." He frowned, "I’m sorry, I like my things. Money can buy you a lot of things."

"Can you stay up here for a bit? I know its late, but strange place and Shelby don’t get on well. Just stay for a moment, will you?"

"Sure." He smiled a toothy smile and sipped his wine.


"One date and you’re already staying the night? I thought I lost it."

"Lost what?" Shelby squinched up her face at him.

"Me." He turned and flipped a switch. Smooth jazz poured out of the speakers.

"I love Anita Baker." Shelby swayed her hips seductively to the music. Catching the look on Michael’s face, she responded, "Some white girls got rhythm." She laughed. "My mother was black, she adopted me and my half sister when we were in diapers."

She continued to dance. She wasn’t sure if it was the Anita that made her move or if it was the wine. Probably a combination of both. She let Michael grab onto her hips and sway with her to the music. He hummed along to the music in her ear. He could sing. She could tell. He kept pitch with the song and rhythm with the beat. Her pussy began to pulse and she knew she was wet by now.

Michael slid his hand up her body and to her full breast. He grabbed more than a handful and pulled her closer to him. He found her hard nipple through her shirt and began to twist and tug lightly at it. A soft moan escaped her thoughts and passed through her lips. She licked them. He licked at her neck and nibbled down.

"Its been a while." She moaned.

"What’s a while?" Michael groaned. His dick didn’t care at the moment, but he had to make his mind take it into consideration.

"The first time I had sex was a year ago and that was the last time." She sighed.

He turned her to him, "You’re shitting me?"

"The first time was–well…I just didn’t like it so I didn’t do it again and-" Michael kissed her to stop her from talking.

He pushed his tongue past her clenched lip to she calmed down in his grip and gave in to the kiss.

"Can you please me?" He asked.

Without a word, she dropped down on her knees and pulled out his hard dick. He was huge. Thick. Long. She hadn’t seen a dick of his size before. But she was confident that she would have the whole thing down her throat by the end of the night. She kissed the head and began licking the tip. Michael shuddered and braced himself.

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