Brace Yourself Ch. 02

Michael sat at his desk in dreamland. Shelby had rocked more than his world with the way she sucked his cock. It was as if she loved doing it. Gripping it at just the right angle, sliding it after she brought it out of her mouth. She was making love to his cock, but something carnal came over her and she spit on his dick. Smiled as she watched the saliva slide all the way down his dark shaft.

He filled her mouth with such ease. He was a decent nine inches and thick. No one had ever took him down like she did. No porn star had ever sucked his dick like her. He jumped beneath his desk when he pictured her head bobbing up and down as she pulled her hands away. Shelby lifted to her knees cutting off his view of what she was doing. Circling the head of his manhood with her tongue. Playing with his perineum. Licking up the precum.

Without notice she slid down and hit the back of her throat. Causing herself to gag, shocking the hell out of Michael. He could not believe this shy and coy woman was giving him head with no hands. Deep throating at that. His groan pleaded with her. She groaned back and sucked harder wanting that nut.

"Damn, baby." He threw his head back onto the couch and closed his eyes, "Where did you learn how-" He was cut off by his twitching leg. Oh, no, he thought to himself, get control Michael. It was too late. He was sending warm sperm down the back of her throat as she quickened her pace.

He tried to move and get away from her mouth. Shuddering underneath Shelby’s movements, she kept sucking softly. Moaning, "Don’t run," Shelby let go of him and he sighed.

"Give me a moment." Michael said as his body twitched. His nine inches went hard as she traced her finger up the side of his thigh.

Shelby licked her lips. The wine gave her a lot of courage. She was feeling giddy after he had cum so hard and so quickly. Giving herself a high five, she spoke, "Bathroom?"

Michael could only muster raising his hand in the general direction of the bathroom.

"I’ll find it. You regain your composure." She swayed off a little more confident in the situation.

Shelby opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out a brand new toothbrush and the mouthwash. Michael told her to just pack a change of clothes and possibly a swimsuit and, as he promised, he would have all other essentials. Michael stood watching her brush her teeth and smiled to himself.

"Michael, I have your two o’clock in the lobby." His secretary, Isabell, buzzed over the intercom interrupting his trip down memory lane. "Would you like me to send her in?"

"I will greet her out in the lobby and start with a tour. Who’s shooting in studio 7?" He responded.

"Closed set, sir." Isabell clicked at her keyboard. "If you want, there is a schoolgirl scene being shot in building 13. I can have security bring a golf cart down so you won’t be late for your date."

Michael kicked himself mentally for scheduling this interview in the middle of his great day in LA with Shelby. To keep her busy for an hour or so, he scheduled her for a trip at the salon. She seemed tense after last night came to her with her hangover this morning. He did not want her tense, he wanted that relaxed tigress he had last night.

"No, I would prefer to stay in this building. See who’s in 7 then try and pull some strings. This girl is going to make us some money. Send her in." He hung up.

On the other end, Isabella eyed the young woman. Placing the receiver down, she stood up and made her way to Cynthia Dickson. Cynthia rose as she noticed that Isabella was heading towards her. Nerves got the best of her and she began to hiccup.

Isabella smiled, "Mr. Stockholm will see you now." Isabella stepped to the side and let Cynthia pass by.

Michael opened the door as if he knew they were right outside the door. "Cynthia." He stretched his hand out. She was as stunning as her photos. A gorgeous face with a drop dead thick body. She was wearing tights and a t-shirt. Dressed for a run to the grocery store. Michael shrugged it off and closed the door behind them.

"Look, I’ll just get to the point. I have sex to have fun. I don’t want any scripts. Just give me a hard dick and a camera." Cynthia did not make it to her chair before she started speaking. She was not dressed for it, but she meant business. "I’ll do almost anything if the timing is right. Except for that peeing and shitting shit-" She let out a nervous giggle and hiccuped.

"Well, now that we got that out of the way, here’s what they are offering." He slid over a piece of paper.

Cynthia looked at it wide eyed and smiled, "For two feature films and three years of appearances?"

"Whenever your schedule permits."

"Wow. That’s better than anything anyone’s ever offered."

"We have seen your work. People love realness. We love you. We want you." Michael layed on handsome filmmaker heavily. He wanted to fuck her right now, but he was trying to fuck Shelby. What decent guy would do that to her. He glanced at his Blackberry. It was a little after two. A few more minutes would not hurt. He was used to trying out a few of the talent here and there. And this would be no different.

"Isabell, can you hold all calls for the next hour?" He paused, "Hold on, if Shelby calls buzz me."

"Sure thing boss." Isabell rolled her eyes and pulled up her computer game.

Michael turned to Cynthia who was already pulling her shirt over her head. Her paperwork read forty-six triple d and they were beautiful. He was a breast man so that usually made his dick hard instantly. But it did not. He went over to her and placed one nipple in his mouth. He could not do it. He tried, but his dick would not get hard.

Shelby. His cellphone began buzzing on her desk so he stopped and saw that it was her. Placing one finger in the air, he motioned for Cynthia to get dressed and noticed her rolling her eyes.

"Shelby, tell me you’re done!" Michael spoke into his phone.

"Yes, and I’m feeling rather calm and feisty." She beamed into the receiver, "Just waiting for my chariot to arrive. Take your time, there’s a bakery that smells just devine."

"I’ll be there in fifteen. Feisty?"

"Yes. So, drive fast. Safely. But fast." She hung up. Ready to take it there with him.

Last night he had tried to go down on her but she stopped him. Shaking her head. He kissed her deeply sending shivers down her spine. "When you’re ready. Lets go to bed." They laid talking about the photos on the mantle until she fell asleep. He woke up to breakfast pouring through the house. He watched Cynthia walking away, happy he decided not to go there. He grabbed his coat and walked past a very shocked Isabell.

"Back on vacation. Don’t stay too much longer. You’re off too." He walked to the elevator and turned back around, "Thanks for your help."

That was new. Michael never really showed much emotion, but he was thanking Isabell. What had gotten into him? Little did she know he was plotting to get into Shelby tonight.

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