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FREE Shared/Reseller/VPS Hosting for life!

Post by F7N » April 8th, 2020, 4:46 am

Dear Members,

After several weeks of working hard with @sohamb03 we managed to provide host leases with a well-functioning customer panel. We use the "Hopebilling" program many of you know this system and it is not yet fully finished. Together with @sohamb03 the script is largely fixed. We are now working with LNB-Hosting to keep it running. Last Monday I also bought 100GB extra storage to be able to make everyone happy with extra space to still be able to host their projects with us. If we still need more storage, we can expand to approximately 500GB storage and 10,000GB bandwidth. I would like to thank @sohamb03 especially in this thread for his great effort and help with updating and building a customer panel for our customers and he also keeps an eye on the forum. We may have to update some things with us, but at the end of the week everything will be updated to the current system elements that we want.

What has changed from the previous version? [/ b]
- There is now a customer panel "hopebilling" where customers can get their package - Hopebilling is currently still in "Alpha Version" which means that hosting elements can be added or removed.
- Customers can automatically use an autologin.
- New member of the LNB-Hosting @sohamb03 - He ensures that customers can be helped through our forum and will also approve and change requests and add or remove if possible / needed.
- The home page has also been updated (still to be improved).

Where do I currently have to take your ALPHA Version into account? [/ b]
- Two things.
- If you register a hosting package and it is activated, you will receive an email from us under the name "", this email is currently in Russian because we have not yet been able to find a solution. , Of course this will be adjusted when a fix is found for it. But in our emails you will find your username and password to log in.
- If you have lost your password and you request a new password, this will not work. Contact us through the LNB-Hosting forum so that we can set a password on our side (we have tested this and it works).

Client Area:
Email: (For any questions about LNB hosting or HostLease (Main Provider)
WhatsApp (Free of Costs): +31 614355166

We hope that I give enough information for what we will do with HostLease and that you understand that we want provide a good service. Any suggestion is welcome! Need more info? PM me and I will answer all questions.

FREE Shared/Reseller/VPS Hosting for life!

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