Full Stack Software Developer -- Experienced and Professional

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Full Stack Software Developer -- Experienced and Professional

Post by mdizak » November 19th, 2020, 4:46 pm

Canadian citizen, 19 years high paced and professional experience within online software, and with me your imagination is the only limit. For an idea of capabilities, creator of Apex at https://apexpl.io/, an open source software platform. Also highly proficient with the bitcoin protocol and own https://envrin.com/ if you need any bitcoin / crypto-currency related operations developed. Resume can be found at:

Can handle jobs of any size, simple $100 tasks, large scale systems that require multi-year contracts, dozens of online operations spread across multiple servers, distributor software, or anything else. . Specialize in back-end development of larger scale systems that require a high proficiency with clean database architecture and optomization, server administration and security, horizontal scaling across multiple servers / instances, redis caching for speed and scalability, a quick moving agile environment, etc.

You may get a better insight into my thought process by reading an article I wrote a good while back at the below URL, with more articles to come shortly.

To give an example, a project I'm just finalizing now:

* Social network mobile app only, initially developed in NodeJS + MongoDB by a low quality team.
* Rewrote back-end to PHP + PostgreSQL, dropping some API calls from several minutes to ~200ms.
* New REST API also contains a fully functioning non-custodial bitcoin wallet, and clean, concise and standardized documentation for the mobile app devs.
* For scalability, heavily utilized redis which stores and updates in real-time, feed data on all active users allowing for blazing fast retrieval of feed / post data.
* Hosted on AWS acrodd multiple server instances including front-end read only HTTP, back-end application, database, messaging, redis, and e-mail.
* Horizontal scaling via RabbitMQ with proper cluster configuration, so takes all of 5 minutes to deploy another server instance into proper spot within cluster to help handle the load if / when necessary.
* Worked closely with mobile app devs to provide support, and ensure they have everything they need.
* Developed necessary migration scripts to export data from MongoDB into JSON format, then import into SQL database.
* Developed in backwards compatability with the old REST API, so upon switching to the new back-end, all users running the old app version will notice no difference except everything magically became quicker. Upon upgrading to the new version, all new functionality including bitcoin wallet will be immediately available to them.

Hopefully that gives a better idea of the types of systems I'm capable of. At the moment, looking for $40/hour, which I believe is quite reasonable. Recently got screwed out of ~$5000, so if you have any work at all, small or large, please feel free to contact me at matt.dizak@gmail.com for a free consultation. I'm right at the finish line of people able to push Apex into the public domain and gain traction with it, which if desired, could provide you wish huge benefits when it comes to technical resources at your disposal.

Thanks for reading, and if you need any quality back-end software development, feel free to e-mail me at matt.dizak@gmail.com.

Full Stack Software Developer -- Experienced and Professional

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