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Post by EvaDav » January 23rd, 2020, 4:12 am

Cheers! EVADAV has prepared a solution that does not depend on the 4th February Chrome update

We're presenting a new ad format -
In-Page PUSH

What is the difference between the In-Page PUSH and regular push:
🔔 Works in all browsers, and all the platforms. Yes, including iOS!
🔔 A fresh audience that has not tired of push format yet. According to our tests, the conversion rate is 25% higher than with regular fresh subscriptions.
🔔 Good news for those who run campaigns with targeting by mobile carriers - the number of WIFI users strives to 0.
🔔 Gambling and Sweepstakes - converts excellent on iPhones.
🔔 A large close button in ads that excludes irrelevant clicks.

This format is displayed in the advertiser's dashboard as a separate one. Run your campaigns, test them out and, of course, contact your personal manager regarding your questions:

Site owners -> http://bit.ly/2uj98Zi
Advertisers -> http://bit.ly/2TFDOi8

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Post by EvaDav » February 26th, 2020, 7:36 am

Fellow partners, we hope you’re doing great.
EVADAV team will visit TES this week.

Let's meet at The European Summit (TES) Lisbon 2020 this week between Feb 28 and March 1 at the Oitavos Hotel, in Cascais.

Any of our publishers or advertisers will be able to enter the TES Affiliate Conference, which will take place from 28 February -2 March 2020 in Lisbon-Cascais, Prague, absolutely for free. This will save you the 750 Euro entrance fee at the door - and it will take you less than 5 minutes!

What do you have to do to claim your free affiliate pass sponsored by EVADAV?

✅Visit Sponsored Affiliate Pass Guide Lines - TES Affiliate Conferences and read the “Sponsored Affiliate Pass Guidelines” very carefully.
If you qualify for a sponsored affiliate pass according to the “Sponsored Affiliate Pass Guidelines”, click on the link on the bottom of the webpage.

✅Start registering yourself. Once you get to the “I send traffic to” field of the registration process, please make sure to enter your EVADAV affiliate link including your unique EVADAV Affiliate ID.

✅That's all! You are done! In case that your application for an affiliate pass sponsored by EVADAV was successful you will receive a confirmation mail within the next 24 hours following your application.

This offer is valid for:
Media Buyers

Book a meeting with us: EvaDav

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Post by EvaDav » March 10th, 2020, 10:17 am

March 12, 2020 CpaConf is again waiting for all specialists from affiliate marketing.

This is already the 9th conference and every year it takes place with a full house, because guests come here not only from Ukraine, but also from Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Spain, the USA, Poland and other countries.

Trends in the CPA market are changing quite quickly, so the event does not lose its relevance, and speakers always come with new ideas and topics.
And since some people still come to listen to practical reports, and not to networking and afterparty, several thematic sections have been prepared: Arbitration, Partnerships, Traffic, Finance, Tools.
At the end of our day, everyone will get to Afterparty in the famous club of Kiev, which will be rented for our event. Here guests will find a no less rich program of treats and entertainment.
Hurry up to participate in the conference!

Discount code - EVADAV - 15% discount on the cost of the selected ticket.

We are waiting for everyone at CpaConf, March 12, Mercure Kyiv Congress Hotel, st. Vadim Getman 6, Kiev, Ukraine.

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Post by EvaDav » March 27th, 2020, 6:28 am

The Ultimate guide from EVADAV about the COVID-19 impact

COVID-19 / Coronavirus – What To Promote and how?

5 Ideas For Affiliate Marketers To Make Money

People are holding onto their money more than ever, more than they did in the 2008 recession. This is having a major impact on not only ecom, but all kinds of verticals where ultimately, money has to exchange hands. But there a lot of niches where this money will be spent by humanity.

So as an affiliate marketer, what can you promote now? That is the ultimate question. EVADAV gives clear answers about traffic growths across the whole globe we seeing now and main verticales for work:

People need food - so app installs of grocery delivery, or restaurant ordering apps will be a good idea.

People need money – so opportunities to make money, work at home jobs like filling surveys, courses and moreover gambling and finance industries shows unbelievable high performance (except betting).

People are bored in a home trap - Entertainment and gaming will be the answers for most for the upcoming weeks. Think about different desktop and mobile games, NETFLIX, Amazon, HBO, etc and especially about special video content — webcams, adult site, dating chats…. all of that are safe and helps people get distracted.

People need masks and toilet paper (lol but true)… - so any offers related to household hygiene products will bring to you the gorgeous results. Especially on the push and in-page mobile traffic where users make the fastest decision in real-time.

People finally have time to education and mind mapping - Educational programs, insurance offers, psychology offers, Nutra mind and health products, astrology and all stuff for which we never had enough time before corona impact.

EVADAV wish you to stay safe and make the right decision while quarantine times going.

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Post by EvaDav » April 16th, 2020, 5:11 pm

Hey Guys!
HOT news for Advertisers:

CPM buying is available
Use creatives with high CTR and get traffic at low rates!
Test the new model in your accounts. Welcome!

CPС minimum bids were decreased - $0.005
Working for:

Any questions? Ask our 24/7 support team or your personal manager for details.

To sign up the new advertisers follow the link and increase your profit with Evadav
We are improving the platform for you!

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Post by EvaDav » May 1st, 2020, 1:04 am

Hey guys,

Not so long ago, we launched new opportunities for advertisers:
- buying by CPM model;
- decreased minimum CPC bids for top geo.

Have any of you already tested and seen the first results?
Please share with us your feedback here!

The new opportunities are available in your accounts. Welcome!
To sign up the new advertisers follow the link and increase your profit with Evadav

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Post by EvaDav » May 21st, 2020, 6:08 am


Boosting Push & Pops Traffic During The Pandemic: Don’t Let Golden Opportunities Slip By

COVID-19 goes increasingly viral, so should be your creatives. Extraordinary times provide extraordinary opportunities. Now, when most people are locked on four walls, they spend most time on the Internet. Work, shopping, entertainment, dating, and communication – all that goes online, which means you’ve got a perfect chance to increase push and pops traffic and attract new audiences.

Let’s take a sneak peek at the current market trends to reveal how push and pops traffic might be increased.

Some industries will thrive
The following emerging market trends should be highlighted:

- People save money and refuse from impulse buying;

- The demand for immune-boosting products has risen considerably;

- People are seeking for new ways to make money, which means cryptocurrencies, freelance platforms, affiliates, and investment solutions are getting more popular;

- Until recently, mobile traffic prevailed over desktop, but things have changed for a while;

- While the nearest future is uncertain, most people strive to save as much money as they can.
Health and financial spheres are on the rise together with grocery delivery, medications, online entertainment (video games, gambling, streaming, adult websites), money transfer services, and websites/apps for dating and communicating. It especially concerns the markets in the US, Italy, Spain, and other European countries.

It’s not hard to predict that brick-and-mortar businesses will be affected by COVID-19: the offer surpasses demand. Thus, the companies which adjust faster and start offering online services and delivery are likely to stay afloat. This is exactly when they need active online advertising, and push or popunder ads come in handy.

How to reap maximum out of push and pops traffic?
Push notifications and popunders are the best ad formats to experiment with during the quarantine. First, they grab users’ attention immediately. Secondly, they are more likely to convert when designed properly.

The best verticals to use push ads and pops are entertainment, dating, coupons, health and beauty, betting and gambling, video games, financial services, grocery delivery, and banking.

Here’s what you should consider when experimenting with push and pop creatives:

1. Motivate users to buy. The conversion rate won’t rise until you show clear, undeniable benefits of your products/services during the pandemic.

2. Discounts and special offers are exactly what the audience needs.

3. Re-consider your target audience. It might get much wider now when everyone is online.

4. Create a strong, persuasive landing page. People think twice before making purchases (see point 1).

5. Go creative. Come up with catchy titles and bright pictures – the audience should be entertained and surprised.

6. Schedule ads and reduce their frequency. Focus on the content!


Try Evadav

Want to test new ad formats? Consider Evadav online advertising platform. It supports popular offer types (CPC, CPV, CPM) and essential ad formats (push, in-page push, popunders). The minimum payout is as low as $25, and withdrawals can be made by any of 15+ convenient methods (PayPal, Capitalist, Paxum, Payoneer, and others). It goes without mentioning a 5% referral commission and 24/7 customer support.

Evadav works with a different traffic sources, provides real-time reports and essential features like back URL, anti-AdBlock, direct links, etc. It’s a comprehensive solution for easy and efficient integration of push and pop ads.

We support all verticals, including games, health, dating, finance, gambling, betting, etc. Don’t miss our profitable offers:

· PUSH and INPAGE traffic bids are $0.001-$0.002 (CPC) for India, Egypt, Iran, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Colombia, Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, and Morocco.

· POPS traffic bid is $0.001 (CPV) for the Russian Federation, Sweden, Indonesia, Canada, Ireland, China, Austria, Thailand, New Zealand, Brazil, and Japan.Distribute your budget. It’s a perfect time for diversifying your campaign and leveraging different ad formats.

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Post by EvaDav » May 28th, 2020, 5:07 pm


Advertisers - Premium Pops Campaigns

How to choose the best sources from the millions of available traffic clicks?
Check our ad format: Premium Pops.

Massive supply from high-quality placements and low demand. This is a winning combination. It allows you to get more convertible traffic from the following geo:

- RU 0.0007$
- UA 0.0015$
- KZ 0.0031$
- DE 0.0032$
- FR 0.0021$
- IT 0.0014$
- IN 0.0003$
- ID 0.0004$
- CN 0.0009$
- MN 0.0012$
*All prices are CPV
Create campaign >>

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Post by EvaDav » June 15th, 2020, 3:28 pm

A Definitive Guide to Advertising in eSports and Gambling
Recently, a lot of industries have suffered a lot from the impact of quarantine – it was a hard time for businesses. However, staying home makes people turn to the Internet, and online entertainment is in high demand. Such spheres as video games, betting, TV subscription services are thriving together with eSports and online gambling.

What does it mean for advertisers? It’s the right time to experiment with new ad formats, and there are no better verticals for that than betting on sports events and gambling. This guide will explain why these spheres are a hot target for advertising in 2020, who your target audience is, and how Evadav can help you optimize ad campaigns to reap maximum benefits.

ESports & Online Gambling: Peculiarities and Benefits
With countries keeping their borders closed, it seems like life has been paused, and no sports events are going to be organized in the nearest months. The Olympic games have been canceled, football fields are staying empty, and no matches are seen on schedules. Has the sports industry stopped existing? No! Our attention reverted to a somewhat different industry – eSports.

What is eSports?
To put it simply, eSports are all online video games played on a competitive basis. Instead of being in the middle of a field to play football, participants sit in front of their PC and access the ‘battlefield’ via the Internet. The most popular games today are Halo, CS: GO, Call of Duty, Starcraft and Warcraft.

Still don’t believe in the hype around eSports? Take a look at the audience of some popular tournaments:

If you aren’t a gamer but rather prefer watching, you’ve got the opportunity to earn by making bets – those are available for eSports events, too. If such an option doesn’t appeal to you, there is another one described below.

Online vs traditional gambling: what’s the difference?
There’s no need to explain what is traditional gambling – we all know what casinos are. Now, with technologies being leveraged in every sphere of our life, it’s possible to play slots and card games without leaving your house. Online casinos offer pretty much the same games.

The main difference between traditional and online gambling is that games are available in electronic format, and websites accept online payments supporting various methods like PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Qiwi, bank cards and cryptocurrencies. Focus on users’ convenience!

Discover the opportunities for eSports and gambling advertising in Evadav. Click here to register.

Why do people enjoy eSports and online gambling?

Enormous choice of games and genres;
24/7 access to games and tournaments;
Opportunity to earn money without much effort;
Bonus programs (free spins, deposit bonuses, etc);
Huge worldwide community;
Confidentiality of personal and payment data;
They provide the same thrill of the competition as real-life playing.

What numbers say?
Both eSports and gambling industries are on the rise – it’s an undeniable fact that’s proved by numbers.

Here’s the prediction of gambling market growth in the US:

While the Chinese authorities continue knocking down on online gambling sector (even despite the potential deficit of $6 bln - the result of a two-week closure of Macau casinos), and deliberately refuse getting income from this industry, some US states are seriously considering legalization of online gambling, taking into account the scale of the epidemic and potential losses. Since the USA is about to soften the laws, other countries may follow the lead.

In the similar manner, the audience of eSports is growing at the exponential rate, and the audience is expected to reach 600 mln viewers (both occasional and frequent) by 2023:

Who is your audience?
Theoretically, you can target all people aged 14-99 when it comes to eSports: virtual games are played by people of all sex and age. According to The Esports Audience research report from Business Insider Intelligence[1], Gen Zers are more receptive to nontraditional sports, like eSports, than traditional sports — 56% of US Gen Z men (aged 13-21) said nontraditional sports are relevant to their generation. 62% of US eSports viewers are aged

Need help with targeting? Register in Evadav and get help from a personal ad manager.
When it comes to gambling, it’s more popular among people aged 21-55. When you’re defining the target audience, it’s crucial to be aware of local laws and regulations concerning the gambling sphere. For example, UK has gambling-tolerant policy, which results into the domination of its market over European neighbors:

Why Try Advertising eSports & Betting?
According to South China Morning Post, wagering on eSports is the fastest-growing betting trend in sports gambling with punters around the world expected to bet up to $12.9 bln on gaming by 2020. It goes without mentioning simply viewers – they generate even higher income.

2020 is the best time to grab the opportunity to enlarge the target audience. People spend more time home and they need more entertainment options – you can offer them betting and gambling. The chance of ad campaigns’ success gets significantly higher.

With the techniques making playing fairer and more immersive, online casinos attract more people. Games are getting more involving, and blockchain technologies guarantee fair playing. The evolution of live dealer games and confidentiality also make online casinos preferable. The global online gambling market may grow $58.9 bln in 2019 and to $66.7 bln[3] in 2020, which means the growth rate of 13.2%. The main reason for such an immense growth is COVID 19 because of which people have to work home and stay nearly locked. That means having a lot of time for leisure activities, such as online gambling.

Understanding the most appealing ad formats
Which ad formats will work best for gambling and eSports? Evadav offers the most prospective options:

Native push advertisements are pretty easy in creation and at the same time are very efficient because the target audience is already defined – those are app users. It’s the best way to inform about new games and features or upcoming events.
In-page push ads guarantee a high CPM with 25% higher conversion. They are supported by all browsers and can be easily targeted. This fresh format is recommended for the gambling sphere.
Popunders can be organically implemented in website pages and stay non-obtrusive if they contain truly useful information. This is the best format for giving free eBooks for subscriptions, advertising tournaments and contest games.

Want to try top-notch ad solutions from Evadav? Click here.
Top-10 practices for eSports & Gambling advertising
Before you start an ad campaign, it’s crucial to define the target audience. Please, note that you should make your own research and define the target audience according to the products offered.

1. Define your audience and geo

Evadav team has gathered related statistics for you to understand the target audience better.

As we have mentioned, the UK is one of the most prospective markets for advertisers: the laws allow for full-fledged gambling activity, and CPM rates are pretty high, which attracts advertisers, too.

Moreover, the USA is about to make steps towards legalization of online gambling, not mentioning that it’s the ‘stronghold’ of the eSports industry. That means such a geo target as the USA is a wise choice in the long term - you have the opportunity to be among the first to occupy the niche.


Also, you can target alternative markets. For example, some Asian countries generate a generous amount of organic traffic:

The most perspective geos for eSports and gambling verticals are India, Indonesia, Spain, Philippines, and Thailand

Regardless of geographic targets chosen, it won’t hurt to research the statistics by OS:
Image Since the vast majority of users gamble on their Android smartphones, it makes sense to put focus on mobile advertising, or split your ad campaign and target mobile and desktop users separately.

Here’s the statistics by browser:

Chrome is the ultimate leader, so comments are needed except for ‘optimize your ads correspondingly’.

Evadav provides real-time statistics for advertisers to analyze ad campaigns and boost their efficiency. Click here to register. 2. Develop a strategy

Online gambling and eSports providers usually stick to the four-step strategy:


If you own a new company, you should implement all four steps. If you run a well-established brand, skip the first two steps and focus on retargeting (which is important in 2020) and retention.

3. Think over design
Banners, popunders, or any other kind of static advertisement should be created according to a simple formula:

Colorful illustration + informative text + call for action = effective ad
Here is the example:

Ideas for texts:
Offer free spins, deposit bonuses, and other perks Talk numbers and provide statistics: “Over 200 games available” or “50K players already enjoy eSport streaming on X”. Explain that users can play/watch games 24/7 from any device Focus on safety: persuade customers they can trust personal & payment info to your project Use successful cases. Tell the audience about the profits reaped by your users. Briefly enumerate project’s benefits: “Instant payouts”, “Low fees”, “Live dealers”, etc.

When it comes to animation and video ads, you should include the same elements and try to make your video ad short (5-20 seconds)!

4. 8 Tips for eSports & gambling ad campaign optimization

When the budget and the target audience are defined, it’s high time for starting your ad campaign experiments. Here are the best practices and pro tips for reaching the best results

1. Segment the audience

Test different ad types to cover all opportunities. If some certain category of users doesn’t react to your ads, try alternative options.

2. Think over frequency

Change the frequency of ads and see when the highest number of people is reached. Do not bombard3. your audience with ads if you see no difference in payback.

3. Try intent retargeting

That allows to make audience targeting more efficient and lowers the CPA of ad campaigns. Cross-channel retargeting allows reaching the most high-value customers.

4. Cease inefficient advertising

Your CTR depends on many factors – ad images, texts, targeting efficiency. The lower the CTR, the higher the CPC. If some ads have low CTR, stop displaying them and find an alternative.

5. Partner with eSports influencers

Contact the top streamers on Twitch and YouTube and ask them to promote your product by native advertising, Instagram posts, or via simpler and cheaper ad formats.

6. Host and advertise team events

That applies to well-developed projects that have enough resources to organize tournaments and mass competitions.

7. Evaluate and revise your strategy

To make sure you get the desired results, evaluate your ad campaign periodically and analyze results to implement timely corrections.

8. Identify the right channels

While online gambling ads work perfectly on any entertainment-related websites and ads, eSports ad campaigns should be performed on special platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch, Gosu Gamers, Hitbox, Bigo Live, or Azubu.

Why Evadav?
Evadav ad network covers all popular verticals, including eSports, gambling, and betting. We strive to provide the highest CPM rates together with exceptional conditions for customers:

Access to Premium publishers;
Flexible customization of target audience by different parameters;
100% viewability of ad creatives;
Over 200 mln push ads served daily;
100% brand safety;
Creatives are made in accordance with the global standards and with an individual approach;
Protection against fraud

Reap maximum benefits from your ads in eSports and gambling! Register in Evadav right now.

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Post by EvaDav » August 2nd, 2020, 2:52 pm


Hello, fellow partners!
Native Ads are already in your accounts!
Check, Run, Earn!

What is Native Ads?

This is sponsored content presented in the form of fully customizable images and short texts.

- Generates large volumes, without interfering with users getting the content of the site itself.
- The most non-aggressive format - unobtrusive and fully compatible with Google, integrates into the site, matching in appearance with the content.

So how does it look like?


So now, let’s take a closer look at the fundamental advantages and step by step analyze the Native format of advertising campaigns and widgets.

For Advertisers:

- Fresh audience from our proven sites and placements
- A type of advertising that is customized to the site’s content
- Targeting by mobile operators and filters wi-fi users

Each Native Ad has these elements:
Title (up to 80 characters)
Image (492 x 328 px; jpg or png)


And you can add up to 5 elements in a row into a split.

Available pricing models:
- CPC (Pay per clicks)
- CPM (Pay per impressions)


Over 10 targeting options:


For publishers:
- Stable work on All platforms, browsers, and devices;
- Google-compliant - does not affect the search engine optimization of the site. When installed on Google does not block or lower the site’s ranking;
- User-friendly, native appearance provides excellent UX and high CTR;

Fully customizable blocks allow you to achieve the optimal proportion of your ads:
Sizes (1*1, 1*2, 1*3, 1*4, 1*5, 2*1, 2*2, 2*3, 2*4, 2*5, 3*1, 3*2, 3*3, 4*1, 4*2, 5*1, 5*2)


Additional options - to allow you unicalize every ad:


So as you see this Native Ad Format can bring a stunnable performance and profit for you. It has a lot of strong advantages over all other formats. Hurry up to test it and click on the link now.

Run our Native Ads Format >>

EvaDav - native advertising network | CPM | CPA | Push notifications

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