[PROGRAM] Closed Loop Payment Solution

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Genie Card Payment Solution

Post by linux » January 26th, 2021, 10:14 am

*Basic Tenant of the Genie Closed Loop Payment Gateway
Genie Card is not a credit card; it facilitates secure eWallet-to-eWallet, closed loop real-time cash payments online or in person.

When using a Genie Card to complete a purchase by phone, online, or in a retail environment, the buyer and seller both agree
that the subject purchase is to be treated exactly as a traditional cash purchase with instructions to Genie Gateway to process
the payment from the buyer to the seller as an electronic CASH CREDIT!

**Great solution for customers that want Privacy - Merchants that want to eliminate Charge-Backs & Fraud!

**USA Customers Only
Dave L.
FC Financial LLC
Skype - fc-financial

[PROGRAM] Closed Loop Payment Solution

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