got shut down ?

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Post by DeSexGuide » April 28th, 2021, 10:41 am

Just red on another place I hang out that was shut down, is it true. No one mentioned why they ere shut down if that is what happened, any of you know what the reality is.

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Post by razor » April 28th, 2021, 7:38 pm

RIP to a useless site

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Post by unicams » April 29th, 2021, 8:35 am

Why not just use CCbill?

cams man

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Post by bill » April 29th, 2021, 6:03 pm

i thought they had shut down a year or two ago

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Post by JJJ » April 30th, 2021, 1:59 pm

I was never too impressed with the dude running it.

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Post by bestfreeporn » May 1st, 2021, 12:10 pm

The rumour is some KYC shit was the issue so he closed

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Post by Colmike7 » May 1st, 2021, 12:27 pm

bestfreeporn wrote:
May 1st, 2021, 12:10 pm
The rumour is some KYC shit was the issue so he closed
I was about to say the same thing.

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Post by Brian » May 2nd, 2021, 12:14 pm

This is not news I heard about it closing last year.

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Post by misterporn » May 4th, 2021, 11:08 am

If I remember they were pushing sliiingpro starting out at $49.95 a month, that is too much for todays market, no wonder they closed down.

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Post by bucksm » May 7th, 2021, 7:16 pm

This is not 2011

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Post by pussylover » May 10th, 2021, 8:53 am


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Post by Ricks-Cams » May 12th, 2021, 10:29 am has expired got shut down ?

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